Post 9/11 the property prices in downtown fell drastically but the resilience of the New York property market is legendary, it has recovered that slump and the property market in the downtown area in and around wall street and fulton street is picking up again. The scheme is an insert into a typical downtown street front; only that it does not recede from the street as it moves upwards. the 40 storey scheme challenges building use and protype in the surrounding area and develops 5 categories of USE: retail . office .condominium .hotel. parking . Parking garages in this area are scarce and exisitng building floor plates and no open land have tremendously limited parking. Using the latest in car lift technology 4 stories below ground are dedicated to public parking for the neighbourhood. Congestion in the tunnels and connections to the nearest airports take up a good amount of time in rush hours to reach the business district; this provoked the design of a twin helipad on the top most floor to cater to the executives of the investment banking firms in the area and a dedicated high speed lift to the concourse allows for a quick land to air link.