DKA     Hybridarch / THE CONEY ISLAND


The Coney Island - Parachute Pavilion is an elevated glass box rising about 18’ off the street level. This glass box is visible from a distance, whether one is on the beach, riegelmann boardwalk or the car park. It is iconic, glows by evening RED on the 4th of July, GREEN during Christmas and Blue when the Yankees are playing at home! The elevated glass box is axially bisected by a climate controlled SKY AVIARY which is a showcase of Local New York Fauna, which remains green 365 days of the year even on the snow days!
The sweeping roof of the pavilion is made up of three shells that orient themselves towards the pier. These shells allow diffused light into the restaurant and exhibit area. The pavilion sits 5 feet below street level and rises to 27 feet creating a volume that accommodates a split level lounge. The roof of the pavilion is accessible to people thus creating a smooth sloping plaza surface.