DKA     Hybrid Arch / FLIGHT 93


The long glass museum corridor 'path' attaches itself to each individual petal like a branch and traverses on the landscape. Its transparency allows it to be an integral part of the memorial landscape and looks out to allow the visitor to feel and experience the memorial collection & the surrounding land. The collection and museum; along the corridor unifies each of the heroes/petals. Each petal is testimony to the heroes whose life is as important to us as the life they gave us in their death. Thus the petals show us a glimpse into their life & most importantly orient themselves & us to unobstructed views of the sacred ground which is their final resting place. Almost completely transparent these petals allow us peace, silence and remembrance as we envelope ourselves in their thoughts surrounded by their life memories in the pictures & memorabilia which adorn each petal interior. The orientation of these petals not only allows us views of the sacred ground but as you stand & look around you are transcended by the views of the remaining 39 heroes/petals everyone united to this day in their life, heroism & death.