DKA     Hybridarch / AQUA


AQUA - Is a housing development project on the banks of the Thames River in London. The first of the 22 unit housing comprises of Duplex and Single storey units with views of the river and many of the units provide access to boat parking directly on the Thames from the individual units. The Pier on which Aqua is developed is transformed into a ecological garden that recycles the waste water from Aqua units and also recyles rain water for flush systems. Aqua is a surprise transition from the 'Wharf/Warehouse' re-developments that line the Thames and is aexperimetal collage of colors. Aqua is designed to be prefabricated/modular and can be replicated along the river bank with part of its support structural system on the bank and steel stilt supports originating out of the riverbed. Combination of Color and Material gives Aqua its distinct identity on the Banks of the River Thames